About Us



To enable artists around the world to access perpetual income by facilitating the sale of original art as NFTs.



For all artists to immortalize their art and the money made from it, regardless of birthplace or disadvantage.


Our Story

We started bitnifty to help people. Often, magnificent art is a product of deep struggle. Evocative works of beauty are created but rarely are they recognized enough to improve the conditions that caused them. This has been the reality for millennia, but today's technology enables us to eliminate this forever.

One way we can help people is by providing noble artists with simple, seamless, and costless access to perpetual income. Noble because in choosing to work with us, they contribute a small portion of all their earnings to the bitnifty Commission Pool. This commission pool is where we can drive even greater societal impact.

We can help those who need it most by commissioning art from artists living in difficult circumstances around the world. Minting that art as NFT's and paying those artists the proceeds can give many the liberty to create and the opportunity to dream. Every life we can improve is worth it all.